Movies & Lessons

Movie: Pellaina Kothalo (Soon after Marriage) (A story about a couple who wants to get separated soon after marriage, and how they get united again) 25th Feb 2007

  • Every one will have some faults, only when we ignore then we can be happy with them.
  • Individuality will not lead to happiness, It will lead to ‘ontarithanam’.
  • Express what you want, ask what they want then only you can have a solution to any problem.

Movie: Anukokunda Ok Roju (Unexpectedly One Day) (A story about a girl who finds that she forgot what she did one day. And it is all about finding what happend that day) 12th July 2006

  • Do the best you can do in your limits…Asume that life is a drama(not pre written)..Dont think that you have problems..Think that your character in the drama have problems…and play your part in th best way u can.
  • Stay away from people who go unconscious intentionally.(May be caused by Drinks, Drugs, Mental Health, Religion, Mobs, Love?*)
  • Dont try to defend your mistakes.. realise them quickly.. remember..and learn.

Movie: Ikiru(To Live) (A japanese movie from 1952..story of a general ordinary govt employ who had 30 years of service..and one day knows that he is going to die in 6 months. Movie is about what he dose after that) 15th June 2006

  • Never give up…
  • Dont wait untill u know that u are going to die… What ever u want to do before that.. beter do it now.
  • Life is short. fall in love maidens. don’t let the passion in your heart die

Movie: Godhavari (A love story… i cont say more than that)9th June 2006

  • Be patient…you will get the people who will like you
  • Dont select your partner just using heart…use brain too
  • Be better if u are expecting better..

Movie: The Last Samurai (Story of an American soldier who is ashamed of killings he did in war, and how he becomes a Samurai) 24th April 2006

  • Dont do it if you know it is wrong or ashamed of doing.
  • I need to improve my self in LOVE, DUTY, PERFECTION, PATIENCE.

Movie: MATCH POINT (An English movie about conflicts in a man’s life about love, money, lust, lucky) 23rd April 2006

  • You need too much luck to be happy with more than one girl at same time
  • Think ahead for at least 5 years, before taking any major step in life