Is this the way software has to be?

I have been using computers from last 10 years. Even though there are people who used it for 30 years..I can say that I know pretty much about them. When I say computers I mean software. Without software hardware is of no use. We have seen the tremendous growth in hardware in recent years. There is nothing I have at present to complain about hardware except one thing(“Why some people are still using flopy-disk?”).

I have used so many software…operating systems, Net browsers, Mail clients, Office software, multimedia, cd writing, downloading software etc etc. Recently I have tried a voice recognition software. It worked more than my expectations. I was able to do chatting with it without using keyboard(if I pay more attention to how I am talking).

I got one question in mind after that…
“Is it the way the software(all software I used till now) has to be?”

The natural answer came is “No, they must be much better than they are at present”.
But I don’t have clear points to support this answer. When I talked to others I found that they also agree to my answer. But they also don’t have any alternatives to show.
To find out the actual facts about this issue I am planing to start an analysis. First I will try to list the points which are wrong about present software. And then propose my alternative plan if above analysis shows that alternative is needed and possible.