Education: Whats wrong, how to fix.

Even though I consider my self as bad teacher, education is one of my favorite topic. From last 20 years, I have been very irritated with our current education system.

Here are the problems I see…

  • They will teach, you will listen, but no one cares if you really understand.
  • No one cares what you like, just follow the schedule.
  • Everything about remembering. Nothing to do with understanding.
  • Everything is only theory, no real life significance.
  • Nothing on Morals, Religion and humanity
  • Nothing about Crime and Punishment
  • Nothing related to social issues like poverty, hunger etc.

Recently I happened to check some sample test for Civils(IAS). I found that 99% of all those question can be answered by remembering stuff. Which Google can do much better than any one of those selected candidates.

I agree that provided all other skills are same, the person with biggest memory can do things much better. But I see that 90% of testing is based on memory. So how will they judge if the the candidates are same in all other aspects?

I am myself an example. I don’t remember anything. I hardly know 5 authors names. But I have read many books. I don’t remember more than 5 mobile numbers. I don’t even remember my bike or car registration number. But I am good(surly above average) at analytics. Given any context you can bet on me for asking the right(in%) questions, taking right(in %) decisions. I know people whose 2 to 4 years of life is being wasted just for remembering stuff that they never use.

How to fix

  1. Reduce dependency on memory and increase on analysis and problem solving.
  2. Make sure students understand, not just listen, remember and write.
  3. Make sure students like what they are learning. Create curiosity and improve self learning.
  4. Create practical experience. Let them use what they have learnt. As much as possible.
  5. Create subjects “Morality, Religion” etc. Make sure they are more important then Math and Science.
  6. Lets students know the real world problems, and explain the reasons. They will find the solution.

I know these are very easy to tell and very difficult to do.  I will be preparing detailed plans on this and will let you know. If you have any suggestions on how we can implement these points, do share with me.