PocketGear get funding from RIM

Routers reports that PocketGear is getting funding of $15 million from sources which include RIM.

RIM has its own App Store called “App World”. And with recent release of App World 2.0 we are seeing better results. App World 1.0 is used to generate total sales around 6000*.  After the release of 2.0 with new features like Credit card billing and carrier billing we estimate that it is making around 10k* sales per day.

Anyway one can see that sales in App World is like 150 times less than what it is in IPhone App Store.

Now instead of strengthening the functionality of App World, RIM choose to invest in some other App Store called “PocketGear”. This is totally insane from the point of view of any BlackBerry Developer.

As a developer who have participated in every store we can tell that App World is producing 100 times more sales than PocketGear for our applications.

Now only RIM can answer why they choose to invest in PocketGear.

Note: These numbers are total sales for all applications. And they are approximate numbers.