Upgrading self

Recently I have been on a trip to Mexio and US. I had some unique experiences with people on this trip. Those experiences are nothing specific to those places. But this trip gave me an opportunity to see people as they are.

During those 3 months and after that, I have been working on upgrading my software. I am questioning every aspect of my self and see if I am doing things in my best interest. I am trying to do things ‘right’ way.

On a recent discussion with a friend who questioned “what is right and what is wrong? is it not different from each perspective?” I said “We can tell that some one did wrong, when we can logically prove that they did not act according to their best interest.” So in theory we can always say some one is wrong provided we already know what their best interest is.

On this journey to upgrading self, I asked people around me for things they see wrong or things that needs improvement. To my amazement, some how people have very simple expectations. What ever they told me to change, I was able to do without even 1% loss to my time and effort. It significantly improved my interpersonal communication and relations. People used to treat me as hostile. Now I see that they don’t.

This upgrade is not finished yet, but I already feel like I am a much better shape now. If you are reading this do me a favor. Send me top 5 things you want me to change in me and why.

Opera To Thunderbird and back to Opera

I have been using Opera as a mail client and as a substitute browser from last 4 years. I have got habituated with that software. But the only thing that I was always worried about is Rich Text mail composing. It seems like Opera people may not add this feature in at least next 1 year.

So I searched a bit about what is the best mail client. BTW I use Ubuntu Linux. So Outlook etc is not at all an option for me. I used Opera even when I was using Windows XP also.

The only alternative I got is Thunderbird. Then I started using thunderbird for 4 days. After 4 days of use, I felt like my Opera is much better than this. Here is what I found.

Advantages of Thunderbird over Opera:

  1. Rich Text Editor for composing mails
  2. Support Digital Certificates
  3. You can use Filters to move an incoming mail to “Sent” folder.
  4. Custom Labels
  5. Open any mail as new in Compose View


  1. Slow
  2. No Attachments Filters
  3. No Labels Filters
  4. No way to see yesterdays messages
  5. No way to see messages sent by a contact
  6. Add to Contacts list sucks, It doesn’t even check duplicates
  7. No customization of Toolbar
  8. No Browser, You need to launch Firefox to see any link in the mail.
  9. No Saved Searches
  10. No integrated contact list
  11. No Filters as Folders

I have realised that Opera is much much better than Thunderbird if you check mails more than 10 times a day. If you check only once and do not have any filters, use Thunderbird.

Finally I switched back to Opera.